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Jeff Gibson, PGA

Jeff Gibson has been teaching and playing golf in Central Florida for over 20 years. His students include some of the finest players to come out of the Tampa Bay Area. His specialty seems to be the development of tournament players of high quality, with great powerful swings. Jeff is also known as one of the finest short game players and teachers. Five years in a row Jeff has qualified a different student for a National Championship, beginning with Jeremy Hobson in the US Jr. Boys and ending with Ashley Kozlowski in the US Jr. Girls.

Jeff was selected the WCCPGA Jr Golf Leader for 2002 and 2003. He was also the NFPGA Section Jr Golf Leader for 2003. He received the NFPGA Standard of Excellence Award in 2004. He has been a Board Member of the Greater Tampa Junior Golf Association, Board Member of the Polk County Jr Tour, and a Board Member of the Florida Junior Golf License Plate Initiative (Liaison).

The Gibson style centers on the player being responsible for their games. The instructor is responsible for educating the player in swing mechanics and feel mechanics, while finding keys to making this easier. The instructor is also responsible for the players mental outlook and should guide the player through the pitfalls of seeking to improve both their swings and games. Jeff stresses power and teaches for the big field. It is just as easy to teach sound mechanics as poor mechanics and then you find out if a player is a player.

"When you get in trouble, GET OUT OF TROUBLE! In other words, when you have a problem with a golf shot, when you are through with the shot you should not have the same problem!"





Jeff Gibson, PGA


          Also NFPGA Liaison for same.

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